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The Art of Savoring

Summer is a state of mind...

It's been a whirlwind spring and finally, summer is here. Everlasting light and days that seem to never end. Without evening noticing, time moves so slowly and yet so quickly simultaneously. Every year, as soon as I settle in, it seems already to be on the horizon. To fully take in these fleeting moments, I'm setting the intention to savor the season.

In the studio, I'm taking time to play and create without agenda. I plan to let inspiration and intuition lead the way as I seek to explore all the ways the landscape comes alive this time of year. I've updated my studio inventory and all current available works are listed in the shop. I hope to list a few additional pieces over the next couple of months as the wave of inspiration moves through. Keep an eye out for these on Instagram!

Wishing you the best of the season, may you savor these special days!

24x30 Oil on Canvas


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