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Chasing The Light Story & Inspiration

A celebration of the best days...

It's hot. Really hot, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Our favorite songs are humming in the background and cold drinks are in the cooler. Pimento cheese sandwiches and boiled peanuts for lunch. Lather on another round of SPF and we're good to keep the fun going a little longer. A round of bocce, a nap, and good laugh later, we're catching our second wind as the sun fades into the horizon. Always chasing the light on these days, the best days...

“Chasing Light” is a collection of landscapes inspired by long, hot days spent on the water with loved ones. Viewed in succession, the works chronicle the fleeting hours of light at the end of these magical days. Whether it’s a memory of a beach week, boat day, or holiday weekend, it’s my hope that these pieces inspire and transport!

"Chasing The Light" releases Thursday, April 27 exclusively at Dress The Room.

10 landscapes in oil on canvas panel offered framed or unframed.

$275 unframed | $325 framed

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