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The Silent Sound Inspiration

Dive deeper into the stories behind the collection

The panoramic views of the Lowcountry marshes lure me in every time. Taking in the sights, my senses are flooded by the pungent odors of the pluff mud, the faint sounds of crawling fiddler crabs, and the call of the egrets. A masterpiece in motion...

A delicate salt breeze passes and invites me to linger a little longer. My imagination kicks in and I start to wonder about all this marsh has witnessed. How long has it been singing this song? Has it always sounded this way? Looked this way? Felt this way?

The exploration of these questions was the launching point for The Silent Sound. Throughout the discovery, the themes of time, texture, and composition arose as specific areas of focus. Scroll through to take a peek at my process and inspirations behind the collection!




The Silent Sound launches February 16 at 8pm.

12 paper works offered in antiqued silver, gold, and modern acrylic frames - a mix of old and new inspired by the collection themes.

Prices range $165 to $475.

Email subscribers will receive 24-hour early shop access, make sure you are on the list!


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