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Finding The Flow: A New Year & A New Collection

A peek into my process & new release details

There are a lot of ways to say it - 'getting in the zone', 'on a roll', or maybe even 'beast mode.' Whatever you want you call it, we all know when we feel it. For me, I consider it my flow state.

As a self-taught painter, it's easy to get caught up in the technicalities of a painting. Contrary to what I initially believed would make me a good painter, my best work is done when I shut off the noise and abandon the plan.

For me, focusing on the emotion I want to convey in the piece is much more effective. I start a painting with only a brief idea of where I'm going and then surrender the rest to the "process." It's here that I find my flow.

The route from start to finish looks different for each painting, but the flow state is consistent.

In this space, I meditate on distance, mood, and perspective. I reminisce on growing up in and around the marsh. I hear the sounds of splashing water and remember long summer days jumping off docks and into salty creeks. I feel the pull of the current with the hot sun overhead and the smell of the pluff mud carried in the breeze. With each brush mark, the flow of transfers from mind to canvas.

I rarely paint an exact location. Instead, the picture comes through as both then and now; here and there. It's a more than a picture of a place, it's a picture of a memory.

"The Silent Sound," a new collection for a new year...

The start of a new year is a fresh start and perfect time for a new collection. 'The Silent Sound' is a meditation on past, present, and future; it's a series of landscapes bearing witness to the beating drum of life and lives past.

Twelve monochromatic works on paper to compliment any interior and evoke a memory of place.

The collection will be available on February 16 at 8pm.

I'll be sharing more about this collection and its inspiration in the weeks to come. Email subscribers are always the first to get the latest, so please subscribe to the list below!


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